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University of the Arts London, Short Courses, Study Abroad and Language Centre
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Over 20,000 students from all around the world come to study at the University of the Arts London Short Course, Study Abroad and Language programmes every year.

Our short courses are perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced-level students. We also provide a route to improve portfolio work and English language levels to help students with their application to art college in the UK.

We work with agents from all around the world, providing students with the best possible service. The Short Courses, English and Study Abroad programmes, taught at our six world-leading art, fashion and design Colleges, span all the disciplines for which the University is famous:

 Subject Area Language
Camb  CSM  Chelsea  LCC   LCF  Wimb
Architecture     x        
Art Practice     x x      
Art History & Curation     x x        
English & English Plus  x x x x  x x x
Graphic & Product Design   x x x   x    
Interior Design     x   x x    
Fashion     x x     x  
Textiles     x  x    x  
Make Up     x     x  
Media & Communications     x   x x  
Marketing & Advertising     x  x x x  
Photography   x x x  x x x
Print Making   x x        
Theatre & Performance     x     x x
Study Abroad   x x x  x x x