Boris Divjak – MDes Service Design Innovation

Boris Divjak is a service designer who graduated from the MDes Service Design Innovation (now MA Service Experience Design and Innovation) course at London College of Communication in 2014.

Born in Slovenia, we asked Boris about his time at LCC and on the course, what he’s been working on lately, and his advice for new students.

Why did you choose to study this course and why LCC?

Having worked as a digital designer for a number of years, I wanted to have impact on a more strategic level in my projects. Service design provides me with tools and approaches that allow me to do that. The course at LCC was especially appealing due to its focus on social innovation.

Image © Boris Divjak

What are your fondest memories of LCC?

The people. Both the tutors as well as other students on the course were amazing to work with and we're still in touch after the course. One of the most intense experiences during the course was the week-long workshop in Seoul where we gained some great experiences and had a chance to develop stronger connections on a personal level.

Where are you working at the moment?

I've recently started working at Unboxed as a Strategic Designer. Before that I worked on a number of service design projects at Livework, including a project about a smart parking service in the London Borough of Islington where we were involved in developing the service from the early exploration stage to a working pilot.

Image © Boris Divjak

Could you describe your style or what you try to achieve with your work?

I aim to leverage design thinking tools and approaches to solve complex systemic societal issues. This normally involves research through design ethnography and iterative prototyping of concepts to validate proposed solutions with various stakeholders. This process ensures a seamless experience with the service in question for the users as well as a solid business case for the proposed concepts.

What drives you to succeed?

The belief the final outcome might make everyone's life just a little bit better. Contributing to society.

How would you say the course helped you to get to where you are today?

The course at LCC has profoundly influenced my approach to design and it offered me a chance to work in service design roles professionally, which would've been much harder to get into otherwise.

Image © Boris Divjak

What piece of advice would you give to new students?

Be proactive and learn as many things as you can. Don't wait for others to tell you what to do. Being a student gives you a unique chance to explore your interests in ways that you won't have time for after the course.

And finally, what are your future plans and ambitions?

To continue working on amazing projects that one can find in London and to share my knowledge and experiences with others. Plant a tree, write a book.